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Remember Everyone

It is tough to remember names & everyone you met. We hear you! Use InTouch as your memory! Simply write a one liner about each contact you save - voila! Not only will you remember who the person is, you can also find the right person when you search.

Business Cards

Hate carrying business cards? So do we! Easily manage paper business cards you get. Just take a pic & we auto-convert them to phone contacts.

Auto Updated Contacts

Stay updated with latest information about people. When someone changes their job or moves to a new city, the information is updated automatically for you!

Contacts On A Map

See home / work locations of
 your contacts on a map.

Network Search

Take Search Beyond your phone contacts! Search from your network and grow your reach.

Search That's Human

“Works at Google”, “Live in New York”, “Works as Engineer” - search the way you think to quickly look up the right contacts.

Phonetic Search

“Mike” or “Myke”? “Sophia” or “Sofia”? - no matter how you saved it, get correct results

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